About Knowledge Series

The insurance industry over the decade has gone through a fairly dynamic & an interesting phase. Other than increasing number of players we have witnessed De-tariffing in the market. Increased competition & deregulation on the pricing front has laid to prices coming down; practically across all line of products. This has also affected on the nature of risk in terms of complexity of the projects involved, technology concerned with that which are involved, the size of the projects.

On the other side; today shareholders in a company have been demanding greater transparency. Thus companies have become more professional with increased consumer & shareholders awareness. All these factors are demanding better practices for risk management in the form of insurance. Companies needs to ensure right risk evaluation at a better pricing from insurer which usually requires a professional inter-mediation.

We at HDFC ERGO intend to address these needs of corporates with our extended arm of Knowledge Series. It’s been always HDFC ERGO’s endeavor is to be a Knowledge Centric Organization. Knowledge Series has been always a goal to achieve. Your continuous support has encouraged us to achieve this goal. Under Knowledge Series we have conducted various seminars namely Emerging Risk Seminar, Risk Management Summit, Risk Management in Venture Capital & Liability, Power Industry Forum, HDFC ERGO Insurance Conclave 2014, to name a few, in order to enlighten corporate and mitigate their risks.

We are extending the Knowledge Series reach to bring you this platform to disseminate information & best practices on risk management. Through this interactive microsite you will be able to download the presentations of speakers, post your queries & get an expert advice, share your case studies, have a glimpse of past events as well as get the overview of upcoming events.

Knowledge Series is an endeavor to connect with you & help you avail information on risk management. So join us as we take you through an informative and exciting journey on ways to analyze risk, assess it and avoid it. Aiming the future brings you only rewards, not risks!


Message from Mr. Ritesh Kumar MD & CEO, HDFC ERGO