Client Speak

Ms.Anisha Udeshi

Thoughts of a true Risk management professional are always towards creative and dynamic ideas with a vision. It requires a lot of reading, understanding, experience & active involvement in areas like Underwriting, Claims, Risk Assessment, Reduction, Control, Mitigation and Risk Transfers etc.

Knowledge series enhances the horizons for all Risk Professionals, we have found it is updated on almost all the areas be it Insurance, Cases studies pertaining to claims or Risk Management and other relevant topics.

We would like Knowledge Series to work on Liability Risk Management, Health Risk Management, Business Continuity programs in future...

Keep it up TEAM !” Best of times are yet to come”

Mr. Ronjiv Banerjee, Manager - Insurance & Forex
The most satisfying experience as a customer we have had with HDFC ERGO in the current year's policy, is their ability to ensure that no cigarette truck which was hijacked is left un-traceable. In fact in the current year, out of the four hijack claims, one claim was withdrawn since the entire consignment was located within 24 hours and the balance three claims there was an approximately 65% to 70% recovery. This has not only helped in reducing the claimed amount under the policy, but also sent a strong message in the markets vis-a-vis hijacking of cigarette trucks.

 The satisfying experience has been that HDFC ERGO have been sensitive in responding to the customer's need and is willing to devote it's time and money to eliminate problems the customer is facing, to the extent possible.
We only hope this enthusiasm is continued in future, which at the end of the day would be beneficial to both organizations.
Mr. Vishal Maheshwari, General Manager - Finance

We are at the fag end of the Marine Insurance Policy Tenure period as our policy for 2011-12 expires on 31st Mar'12 . As a Client , we would like to appreciate the round the clock support and excellent service throughout the year.

We look forward to discussions on renewal of the said policy for the next term / tenure beginning from 1st Apr'12 .

This is not because of the fact that all our claims are being settled but because of the value added services we had been continuously enjoying in terms of :
  • Timely MIS on pending and settled claims
  • Effective online process of registering claims
  • Timely processing and settlement of all claims / disputes
  • Frequent updates on Insurance sector and invite for participation in Insurance related programs
  • Enabling centralized handling of documentation for ease in submission of claims and quick settlement with high degree of flexibility
  • no hassles ever faced on service issues front including surveyor appointment at site .

We also compliment the entire team for always keeping close coordination with our finance and supply chain team .

We certainly look forward to similar improvised services in future on a continuous basis.

 Thanks once again.

Mr. Rajiv Sengupta, Head – Insurance

As the financial year draws to its near end, I would like to congratulate you and your team for the exceptional quality of service and support that has been extended to our group entities on the insurance programs run by your company, not only on the underwriting side but more importantly on the claim side.

We look forward to discussions on renewal of the said policy for the next term / tenure beginning from 1st Apr'12 .

Jubilant feels proud to be associated with your group and we hope to work together collaboratively for year to come.

 Our Best Wishes!

Mr. Balvinder Singh Chawla, Manager - Finance and Accounts

It has been 3 years with HDFC ERGO and they have maintained high standards of placement and post placement services.

Being a servicing industry post placement services are very important and HDFC ERGO team has done well by timely issuance of policy documents and addressing the queries promptly & efficiently which is very essential for smooth working of any corporate in todays challenging world.

Also, claims are very integral to insurance and HDFC claims team has been proactive and assisted us in expediting and timely processing claims.

The entire team has been a good support and we wish team HDFC ERGO good luck !